Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the term used to cover a number of neuro-developmental disorders including Asperger’s syndrome. It is characterised by a difficulty in communicating, socialising and interacting with others, understanding social cues including facial expressions or body language.

An unusually intense interest in one topic or subject and a tendency to engage in repetitive behaviours are also common features of Aspergers. A need for routine is also common, with distress often resulting from sudden change to this routine. Difficulty with flexibility and organisational skills. Each person on the spectrum is an individual and as such is unique, some people are mildly affected by their symptoms while others are severely disabled. No one person is the same.

Have you ever felt:

·        Left out

·        Confused

·        Frustrated

·        Angry

·        Overwhelmed

·        Not understood a joke

·        Misread someone’s emotions

·        Anxious

·        Made a mistake

·        Isolated

·        Feel like the people around you are speaking a foreign language

Think about how this felt for you, and then imagine what it would be like if that’s how you felt every day, because that’s what it can be like for someone living on the autistic spectrum daily. I hope by reading my blogs on my website I can share some of my personal experiences of living with autism and that you take something positive to help someone in your life.  Please do not hesitate to contact me on the contact form if you have any enquires or suggestions.