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Hello and sorry for the lack of new content recently on the website. The last few months have been a very difficult and challenging time for us all. I have been stressed out and every time I tried to write a blog I just felt it was not good enough. Hence the reason there has been none in the last few months!

The feelings over the last few months have made me start to overthink everything I do and worry about everything. One of the thoughts that has constantly come back to me over the last few months is will I ever not be part of the 85 percent of Autistic people who are unemployed. I start to worry about everything, do people even like me, stupid things like this, but important to me. 

Another is the judgment of not being able to wear a mask in places that you are legally meant to even though I have a letter from Asiam (Irelands national autism charity) saying that I don’t need to wear one due to my sensory issues which I will go onto in more detail, sensory issues can affect people on the spectrum. Although I understand the importance of people wearing masks and believe me if I could wear one I would, I do not appreciate the comments that are being made when people see me not wearing one. Be it on the luas or the social media comments you see such as people saying don’t be a dick wear a mask even though this might not be aimed at me it still demoralising and makes an everyday task that I find difficult enough to do more difficult and has put me off doing things I would usually do everyday be it going on the luas for a coffee or going into a shop as I feel judged and worried about it. People need to be a lot more understanding and thoughtful about their comments, not everyone can wear a mask and I am not being selfish by not wearing one.

Another factor that has hugely stressed and caused me anxiety is the constant uncertainty about what is happening about the gig that I am organising in memory of my brother. People who have autism like to have structure and routine and really don’t like change. For those of you who might be interested in coming to the New date for Eoin’s Night for Pieta House the new Date is 23rd  September 2021 I would really appreciate if you could get a ticket as this gig has already had months and months of stress and anxiety gone into it (autistic people when they get something to work on, they don’t stop thinking about it and continually working on it) 

Anyway thank you very much for reading this blog I would really appreciate if you could share this blog and my website with everyone as these blogs are very hard for me to write and what I want to do by exposing my fragilities is to help other people understand that it it is okay not to feel okay and that we all go through bad times and hopefully help other people who are on the spectrum to live an easier life. 

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