Autism and Covid19

COVID-19 is something we can’t escape, you turn on the news and it’s there, you go to social media it’s there, you look at your phone it’s there, now you look at my blog and it’ there too!
This is a difficult and challenging time we are all living in, so I decided to write a blog on what it is like being someone with Autism during this pandemic. 
I am not sure if COVID-19 is more difficult or challenging for people with Autism because this is all I know. But routine plays an essential part in helping people like me manage their daily lives, it creates certainty and comfort but with COVID-19 this has all changed.
Nothing is certain anymore; my routine has changed, this is causing me a lot of stress, I can’t see or talk to my friends, like everyone else I can’t go into town for a coffee or go to the gym, for me all of this usually helps  me  cope with my morbid anxiety.
I am a worrier, I worry about everything, even if it is something not in my control which is something I am trying to change. It has also caused another problem in my life and that is the fact that all my usual appointments are now cancelled, be it going to a monthly appointment with my psychologist or going to an appointment with the OT in college, this makes me anxious. 
Another worry  that I can’t control, but is a causing me sleepless nights, is that I am organising a second night for Pieta House in memory of my brother Eoin on the 2nd of July and I really honestly don’t know if this event is going to happen now down to this virus.
Sensory wise it has caused me a problem because I am unable to get a haircut I know you are going to say this is a small problem but once my hair and beard reach a certain growth level I start to get very agitated, this is not unusual for autistic people, because they don’t like the feeling of certain things like hair or clothes or load noises.
There is one small positive from all that is going on though, I don’t have to watch people out and about on social media, when I normally see this I start to feel envious and upset that I was not invited and start to question myself and ask myself do people really like me as I have not been invited.
Thank you very much for reading my latest blog on my life with autism and again  I will emphasise the fact, once you have met one person with autism you have met one person with autism – we are all unique and different and should not be judged or treated differently.
I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes from Fraser foster that has featured in a few previous blogs ‘You will worry less about what people think about you when you realise how seldom they do.Please be Kind and Considerate for others in these difficult times and please keep talking and contacting to your friends.
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