This is a post I shouldn’t have to write

This is a post I shouldn’t have to write; it should just be common sense that you don’t say this kind of thing to any customer in any situation. 

So today I was in the post office to post a package abroad.  I filled in the small little green sheet of paper that you must, with all my details. I then handed it back to the women who responds in a totally unacceptable manner, making the comment ‘that’s not very neat’.

How can one say that to a customer?

Would you say that to a 75-year-old man and not a 25-year man. I don’t think so.

I go into this shop regularly to post items and fill in the form the same every time and have never had another staff member say this to me or treat me in this manner.

I have dyspraxia which means I find writing hard at the best of times, never mind the fact that anyone would struggle to write in these small boxes.  If I am honest my writing was better, then it usually is!

I also find it very hard with autism to do these sorts of everyday social interactions.

End of the day my message is to be kind and don’t come out with mean comments like that as you don’t know what someone might be struggling with.

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