Hello and welcome to the return of my blog again!

Sorry for the lack of new content on the website but I have been mad busy with college, assignments, exams and other exciting projects that I am working on. At present I am working at putting on a magic show in the Sugar club in Dublin on the 26th of September. Those of you who know me will know that magic is one of my obsessions (for those of you who have not read previous blogs it is very common for people the Autistic Spectrum to have a topic that they obsess about and can tell you literally anything about that topic) I have managed to be very lucky with the topics I obsess about, when I was much younger it was sport. I felt lucky that it was sport as most people seem to be obsessed in topics that are less popular. So, I could fake my way through conversations with people a lot easier. I can be obsessive about music, which I love, and magic. I think having an obsession and having autism can actually be an advantage if you can learn to manage it correctly and not just talk about it all the time as some people with autism do. I have met fellow autistic people where the conversations have been very one sided and all they will talk about is their obsession. Look at my obsession for music, I managed to organise a gig in the main room in Whelan’s raising over six thousand euro for a charity. I had no experience of ever organising an event before and for months before the gig I literally did not stop thinking about it and what I could do to make sure it was successful. To this day I still think about how I could have made it better and what I could do different if I was to organise another one. I think that if someone with Autism has an obsession it can be a great thing as it means they are passionate about something and we should do everything in our power to try and make it work and help them find a way to do what they love for a living. I believe that someone with autism will do a job a lot better than a person who doesn’t have a passion for what they are doing. People with autism will give 100 percent to something that they are committed to. The feedback I received from the acts who performed in Whelan’s was very positive with even one musician saying it was the best organised gig they had taken part in. Thank you all very much for reading my latest blog I hope you can take something from it and maybe help encourage employers to take a chance on potential employees out there on the spectrum. Hopefully it is not going to be that long before you read my next one. Looking forward to seeing you on the 26th of September for one of the biggest challenges that I have ever set myself. More details to follow on my show in the coming months.

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