My First Day in College

Before I tell you about my first day in college, for those of you who don’t know me, I will give a brief overview of what I have done in the past and what I plan to do in the future. After my Leaving Cert, I started a PLC course in Business, I was only into my course a few weeks when my brother died suddenly. After Eoin’s death I decided I needed to take a year out and then come back to something new in September.

While I was at home, one day I saw an ad for a course in UCD Gym to qualify as a Personal Trainer so I decided to apply and get my qualification which I did. I then went on to do two part-time time courses, one to qualify as a nutritional advisor and the other a certificate in sports psychology. I did both these courses and qualified, unfortunately I then had to take a year out to have surgery on both of my ankles.

Now here I am having just started an access course in History and Law in UCD, this is a course where basically they help you adjust to the big environment of a university but in small classes, they teach the skills to study and prepare for University. If you get 60 percent you are guaranteed a place on a course in UCD. My plan is to go on and do economics and then hopefully do a master in HR.

My first day went well, first proper day was Wednesday 13th of September and, me being me, arrived two hours and ten minutes early for the first lecture so that I could acclimatise to the new environment. To be honest I was extremely anxious and although I had attended the Induction the previous day this only confused me more! I find it easier to go off on my own and find places as I can get easily distracted in a group setting and lose concentration.

After day one, I felt more confident, I felt like I could do this course and go on to get my degree, after just a 3-hour study skill lecture my self-esteem felt higher, whereas when I was doing my other courses I felt like I was treated a bit like a child, that the staff didn’t really care about me at all, but in UCD I feel I matter and I think there will be help and support available to me along the way.

I find this quite strange as I had been told by several different people many times that a University as big as UCD would not suit me, I don’t believe this is right, I plan to preserve and strive forward and prove the doubters wrong. Right now, I am doing what I want to do, I won’t pretend it is easy but will keep you updated as the term progresses.

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